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Publié par Eric Roche samedi 8 décembre 2007

Have ever wondered where to get cool gothic and lolita fashion item? Or where to get Cool Japan interior stuff? well here is the good news for you: Japanese one of busiest departments stores MARUI (well known for its stores in Shibuya and new one in Yurakucho Ginza area ) has opened online store site :
You can buy stuff like Japanese traditional umbrellas :
Or how about these Gothloli fashion:

And another site that came up same time is Livej :
LiveJ is : "LIVEJ is a detailed and speedy informative site for anyone interested in Japan, providing all you need to know on everything from Japanese sub-culture to information on traditional Japan."

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UMJPJ x UMJPOP = Plus de motivation pour apprendre le Japonais !